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The Universe Within You – Live Coaching

The Uzma Naqvi Life Coaching LTD Course includes the following feature:

  • One 120-minute group Coaching Call and Q & A session per week for three weeks a month the duration of the program, any breaks which will be announced in advance (3 sessions on, 1 session off for implementation week)
  • An open Q&A Session at the end of each module
  • 24/7 Access to all call recordings, trainings, and additional resources
  • Full access to The Universe Within You Private Facebook Group during the 11 month enrollment period
  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind sessions with your group to consolidate your learning and discuss perspectives (not including your coach)
  • An accountability partner to work with throughout the program
  • Voxer access to your coach only if and when needed for any private questions that cannot be discussed within the group setting

While Uzma Naqvi Life Coaching LTD is absolutely convinced that you will derive great benefits from the Coaching and that You should become as successful as You envision, We The Company do not represent or guarantee that you will attain a certain level of transformation in every area of your life. As with any individual, each trainee or mentee’s success depends on many factors, including your personal motivation, time commitment, implementation and your dedication to the course. The cost of this Coaching is an Investment to yourself. Self work is paramount for successful results.

What I will learn?

  • How to prepare for this program and make the best of it.
  • Announcing accountability partners
  • Introductions

Course Curriculum


  • Bismillah Welcome
  • Road Map of Your Program
  • Checklist for success
  • The Application of the Content
  • The Tricks Your Mind Will Play
  • Knowing Your WHY
  • Meet Me and Lets Go Together

Module 1 : Your Mind
In module one, our aim is to get acquainted with the mind and understand the programming we are running on, and how it affects us. we will get a deeper understanding of our thought patterns. You will start to use some of the tools within this module to start the re-programming process.

Module 1 : Reprogramming Your Mind

Module 1 : Setting Up For Success
In this segment, we will go through some tools to get practical, set up a structure, and have a healthy routine

Module 2 : Our Transformation Framework
This is the deepest part of this program. The main aim is to get to know yourself in a way that you have never known yourself before, heal the past, and create a whole new reality for your existence. Prepare to allow your emotions to come up and express them as fully as possible. At the end of module 2, we will connect everything we learn to spirituality. This is foundational work to get authentic. Once the foundations have been laid properly, we will then move on to our outer world in module 3.

Module 2 : Powerful Blueprint to Know & Apply

Module 2 : The 6 Human Needs

Module 2 : The Law of Attraction

Module 2 : Intellect, Intuition & Wisdom

Module 2 : Inner Bonding; Heal, let go and be happy

Module 2 : You Character; The Real YOU

Module 2 : Spirituality

Module 3: Physical Healing and Fitness

Module 3: Energy Healing

Module 3: Pre-Marriage (Part 1)

Module 3: Pre-Marriage (Part 2)

Module 3: Marriage (Part 1)

Module 3: Marriage (Part 2)

Module 3: Marriage (Part 3)

Module 3: Divorce

Module 3: Grief

Module 3: Parenting

Module 3: Parenting Segment 1: 0-7

Module 3: Parenting Segment 2: 8-14

Module 3: Career

Module 3: Money

Module 4: Vision And Purpose In Life

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
This is your live coaching call where you bring all your questions and have open discussions about what you are learning within the program. We meet three Sundays a month at 1 pm UK time. The last week of each month is your consolidation week, where you do reflection and implementation. We do not have a live session last week of the month.

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